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There’s a shift happening in hair care; more and more clients are seeking a professional approach to hair diagnosis. Stylists would never cut a client’s hair without a consultation to determine what the client wants and needs. Similarly, many clients now expect an expert hair and scalp diagnosis as part of their hair appointment.


Coloured hair is an essential beauty commitment for most women, but it can sometimes mask the telltale signs of an unbalanced scalp. And keeping a healthy scalp is one of the key elements to ensuring you have beautiful, manageable hair. Now we make it easier for everyone to maintain optimum scalp and hair health with a revolutionary new in-salon camera that magnifies the scalp surface to give a more accurate diagnosis.


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The technologically-advanced Kérastase diagnostic camera also assists in hair diagnosis, to prescribe the optimum In-Salon Ritual and Home care programme. Many clients simply aren’t aware that their scalp health has a direct impact on the beauty of their hair. Colour can camouflage problems that otherwise would be reasonably obvious in non-coloured hair and the diagnostic camera enables us to intervene and treat the scalp before further damage is done. Oblique Hair Spa has a commitment to the life cycle of the scalp and hair and the diagnostic camera is a fantastic new tool that provides a more accurate service for you, our valued client. Combined with tailored scalp care products it sets Oblique Hair Spa apart from other salons by providing a complete solution to any scalp issue.


Women and men should maintain a healthy scalp just as they would a healthy body. Avoiding stress, maintaining good eating habits and getting plenty of rest are all good traits but in today’s society we tend to neglect looking after ourselves and before we know it we’ve got a problem such as excessive oiliness, dandruff and dry scalp, sensitive hair and more. It’s nature telling us we have an unbalanced lifestyle and the diagnostic camera enables us to see deep in to the problem. Healthy scalps normally shed skin every 30 to 40 days and then renew themselves. The diagnostic camera magnifies the hair and the scalp so a detailed examination is possible to ensure the skin is as it should be.


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