Charity Showcase & Auction 2010

Displayed Artwork

For your visual pleasure we are very proud to display works of art from The Curiat Art Collection of Rob Hanks.


Artist: Jae Kang  (b.1963)


New Zealand   

Date of Work:   2015
Title:     Tangled Mind 

Medium: Charcoal on paper. 2 metres x 2.4 metres



From South Korea a humble tomato grower transformed her hunger for art into a calling. Auckland Art Gallery teaching artist Jae Kang, is an inspirational role model, and one of New Zealand’s most exciting installation artists. Drawing on a background in Western academic drawing and traditional Korean techniques, Kang constructs large-scale installations from materials sourced from her commercial greenhouse.

Kang’s active involvement in the 1960 people’s revolution explains why her passion is to create works that involve and are accessible to public audiences. Consequently, she has been involved in numerous NZ public installation projects, including designing public sculptures for the New Zealand Steel Mill, producing the ANZAC memorial sculpture in Te Kauwhata, coordinating mural projects in the Otara community. She is now preparing for a major installation at the Headland Sculpture on the Gulf in 2017.  

Kang has also found her place inside the gallery; participating in group shows and solo exhibitions to great review. Her latest installation exhibition, “Gurmon Sup”, now showing in Te Uru (Titirangi) until 7th of September.

Through all projects, Kang has developed a sensitivity for space, and the way in which her drawings become 3-dimensional, change the way people can walk around, engage with, and be surrounded by an artwork. This interest in lines that occupy a space is influenced by her commercial practice of growing tomatoes. Working in the greenhouse would consist of repeating a simple single gesture for up to 10 hours a day. The large amount of humble patience of labour creates an amazing power for growing life. The overwhelming energy, movement and passive invisible expansion fill the place. Therefore, Jae’s work emphasizes and transforms the huge number of simple gestures of the manual work into lively drawings, impacting on our awareness of that space and evoking spatial imagination.


Jae Kang’s drawing works are displayed in private art collections throughout NZ, and is recognized and in demand for her large-scale major installations that involve and wow public audiences.


Bio’ Reference: Jae Kang and The Curiat

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