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Fashion has become more accessible to New Zealand women and they are becoming very aware of trends taken from the streets to the catwalk and vice versa. Let's take a closer look at some of today’s it girls and this seasons hair trends.


BABY LIGHTS - This can be seen on Rosamund Pike, Sienna Miller and Jennifer Aniston.  Babylights are a great way to add dimension and multi-tones into the hair. They're easy to maintain with little upkeep and have a more natural grow-out. While it works on any shade, blondes really benefit from the big statement that Babylights create, proving that sometimes less really is more.









RAINBOW HAIR - From bright, vibrant and bold to soft pastel-toned and muted, rainbow is all the rage. As you can see Katy Perry is rocking lavender with darker roots and looks gorgeous! The possibilities are endless with these fun shades i.e. an all over global colour, lighter or darker ends to create a dip-dye result, or perhaps something more subtle with a red ombre?
These fun fashion colours are semi-permanent, and last from 2-20 washes depending on the colour chosen.




BRONDE - Bronde," a trend created by blondes who want to go dark - but not too dark. Bronde became a big hair colour trend recently when Blake Lively surprised the world with an Instagram of her newly dyed tresses. One popular option is having blonde highlights around the face and brown lowlights through the back. This is perfect those of you who want a change but aren't quite ready to give up being a blonde. Toning down brighter blonde styles to more of a dark blonde, adding more lowlights to soften a global blonde or applying a regrowth colour around the lowlights will provide a grown out natural look.









MESSY BRAIDS - Braids were very polular at NZ Fashion Week including romantic braids, single braids, braids in buns and so on. To make a style look more unique but still be easy for you to do at home you could try a simple French 3 strand braid then with your fingers grab the end of the braid and pull it towards the base to create a more pulled out undone look. Another popular style is Crown braids. These look like headbands created with a reverse plait technique going from ear to ear. You can either use a sea-salt spray or hairspray to give the look more texture. 







WOB - (WAVY BOB) - The "wob" is a wavy, chin or shoulder length flowing look that enhances ruffled tresses with undone feminine curls. It's that sultry, messy, yet elegant look you've been seeing take over your favourite celebrities' heads, think Beyonce and Jennifer Lawrence. The wob is a welcome upgrade from the popular bob and lob of last year. But instead of wearing your locks sleek and straight, windblown-esque waves are added for that extra oomph of body and edge. And here's the best part about it: It's painfully easy to style and suits all face shapes. It can be cut to any length between chin and shoulders not too long though. The look can be created using a big curling iron to give a soft wave or blow waved with a medium sized round brush taking big sections to give a soft look. A mousse or curl enhancing styling product will help with styling. Finish off with a light hairspray.





LOTS OF LAYERS - As seen with Angelina Jolie cascading layers have made a comeback. Layers can be soft, long and seamless or very shaggy and choppy. This glamorous look is all about texture & movement. If your hair is thick layers that are point cut with lots of sliced layers around the face will soften and remove weight. With fine hair less is more as too many layers will make thin out your hair. Just a few soft layers with a cool choppy fringe for face shaping. Layers create volume, texture & remove weight throughout the hair and are perfect to create a desired shaped that will compliment your face shape.


Ask your stylist about our styling education sessions to learn how to create and maintain your hair style at home.




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