L'Oreal Rock n Folk Collection



By Angela Foster-Nesbit


1. Start with the appropriate Shampoo and shampoo twice. Two shampoos’ ensures the hair is thoroughly clean and allows the ingredients of the shampoo to work their magic.


2. Condition with appropriate conditioner and rinse thoroughly.


3. Towel dry or rough dry hair so at least 80% of moisture is removed. Too much moisture can dilute the styling products and the effectiveness of the ingredients. (avoid rough drying hair upside down to remove moisture)


4. Take a walnut size amount of Kerastase Chroma Thermique and rub this around in your hands before distributing through mid lengths and ends. Use a comb to evenly distribute through your hair and do not massage through to the scalp.


5. Use section clips to section hair. Tackle the most difficult areas first e.g. if the front tends to wave or curl or develop odd drying patterns start there first.


6. Work each section of hair from roots to ends using a round ceramic brush. The size of the brush will depend on the desired result. (let your hairdresser advise you on brush size)


7. The key to a great blow dry is making sure your hair is 100% dry when finished, although of course you should not blow dry past that point.


8. A blast of cool/cold air from the blow dryer will help to “set” the newly created texture or lock in the straightness of the section.


9. Due to your hair texture you may require a drop or two of Chroma Riche Serum to smooth through mid lengths and ends.

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