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Straightening Irons

If you are going for a fuller bigger luscious look that's popular with celebs such as Kim Kardashian and Kimora Lee Simmons then let us help you with 4 easy steps to achieve that look.


Step 1
Using your ghd styler and a Ghd Styler protection spray piece by piece spray your hair extensions and curl using your ghd, the spray will also help to set the curls.


Step 2
Section by section, curl your own hair also using the protection spray and Ghd Stylers.
Tip: The size of your section will determine the size of your curls.


Step 3
Once you have curled both your hair and your hair extensions, section your hair starting at the nape (where your hair line meets the back of your neck) with horizontal sections and carefully add your clip in extensions.


Tip: When taking the sections of your own hair to clip your extensions to, lightly backcomb the root of the section before clipping in the extensions. This provides more hold and grip for the clips on the extensions.


Step 4
Once all your hair extension pieces are clipped in and you are happy with how they are placed apply 2 pumps of the KERASTASE ELIXIR ULTIME to you hands. Flip your head upside down and lightly shake your hands through your hair and your extensions, distributing the ELIXIR ULTIME through the mid lengths and ends of your hair. Once you have done this flip your hair back and lightly apply LOREAL INFINIUM QUEEN ULTIMATE HAIR SPRAY.Shake your head whilst applying hair spray.


You should now have the beautiful GLAMOROUS HOLLYWOOD HAIR that you have always wanted.


Clip in Hair Extensions are available in a range of colours and sizes at Oblique Hair Spa from $358.


TIPS... If you are unsure on how to apply your CLIP IN HAIR EXTENSIONS please feel free to come into the salon for a 1 on 1 training session on how to apply and care for your extensions.

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