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On runways, and red carpet, we`re seeing, a trend to a looser more natural curls. The new curl is modern, loose, natural and vary glamorous. More people are coming in to the salon asking for loose soft more touchable curls.


To help them achieve this new type of curl Kerastase created Oleo Curl - the first, hair care programme, that uses nourishing oils to define and protect curls. The Oleo Curl range includes four products.  Bain Oleo-Curl, Masque Oleo-Curl, Crème Oleo-Curl and Mist Oleo-Curl. Oleo Curl and another Kerastase range, Oleo-Relax, can be used alone or cocktailed together to meet the styling needs of wide variety of curls.


What makes curly hair especially challenging is that there are very different kinds of curls:

1. Fine, limp, lifeless curls.

2. Coarse, dry frizzy curls.

3. An extremely tight, kinky, unruly curl.


These three different types of curls all have different needs but with the right products and techniques they can all achieve this new trend towards softer, looser, more natural looking waves.


Fine, limp, lifeless curls?

Curls that are fine, limp and lifeless need lightweight, definition and shine.

1. Shampoo the hair twice with Bain Oleo-Curl to gently clean and nourish the hair       fibre. Rinse and towel dry the hair.

2. Apply Masque Oleo Curl and cover hair completely (hazel nut size or more) and     leave for 5 minutes. Rinse and towel dry the hair without rubbing so you do not     rough up the cuticle.

3. Once when the excess moisture is removed spray Mist Oleo-Curl generously on     the hair still twisting strand around your fingers. Mist Oleo-Curl is a very fine         styling mist that creates definition to fine curly hair and protects it from humidity.

4. Apply Crème Oleo-Curl to the ends only avoiding the roots creating a weightless     finish.

5. When drying your hair use a diffuser. Rotating in the small circles, move the             diffuser up towards the scalp to give the hair support while drying. This creates     movement and separation. For a more polished look finish with a large barrel         curling iron on a medium setting. Twist the random strands and rap them around     the barrel, curling away from the face. For more modern natural looking waves     start at the mid length and wind around the curling iron leaving the last three             centimetres out.


Coarse, dry, frizzy curls?

These curls are generally more porous and need additional moisture.

1. To nourish and lighten the curl begin by shampooing with Bain Oleo-Curl and         cleanse twice. Rinse and towel dry the hair.

2. Apply Masque Oleo-Curl and leave for 5 minutes. If hair is extremely dry, you         may substitute Masque Oleo-Relax Slim to deeply nourish your hair.  After             rinsing, towel dry the hair to remove excess moisture.

3. Apply a small amount of Crème Oleo-Relax Slim on your ends to provide hair         with extra nourishment where curls need the most moisture. Layer on Crème         Oleo-Curl, then twist individual strands around your finger to smooth down the     hair cuticle.  

4. For more dramatic look, wrap a curl strand around your fingers and secure them     close to your scalp in a pin curl (donut) shape and secure with a hair clip. Dry         your hair with a diffuser, quite close to the scalp, on a hot setting and a  medium     to low speed.

5. After drying your hair unclip the pin curl and gently put your fingers through to         define your soft, shiny and frizz-free curls.  


Tight, kinky, unruly curls?

These curls are particularly challenging as the texture of the hair is course, the ends are extremely dry and the more you touch it the more it frizz`s. It needs intense conditioning to loosen and weigh down the curl.

1. Relax the hair fibre by cleansing twice with Bain Oleo-Relax. Rinse and towel         dry the hair.

2. Generously apply the Masque Oleo-Relax Slim and comb though with wide tooth     comb and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. This provides discipline to unruly hair         while delivering deep moisture and nourishment. Results are a significant                 reduction in volume and the hair has optimum shine and softness. Rinse and         towel dry.

3. Generously apply Crème Oleo-Relax Slim to the entire head pulling out the curl to     straighten the curl pattern. Twist large sections of hair around your hand to             distribute the product and further loosen the curl at the root.

4. Dry with a blow dryer on a low hot setting starting at the roots and aiming in the     direction of the cuticle to prevent frizz. Apply tension with your fingers, to pool     out the curl as it dries To reshape the curl pattern rap large sections of hair             around your hand, and rest the curl in your palm, heating it with a could shot of     air to hold it shape.

5. After you dry your hair, add Crème Oleo-Relax Slim between your palms, and         run through ends of your hair, continuing to smooth and weight down the curl         with your hands.

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