L'Oreal Rock n Folk Collection




Twist all remaining hair up and around, creating a bun shape, and secure. 

A boar bristle brush is a must have. It distributes your hair’s natural oil from roots to tips helping condition your hair. Be sure to lift and turn/roll your brush as this creates root lift.


Long hair needs moisture and protection. Having regular treatments prescribed and tailor-made by your Kérastase stylist either in salon or as part of your home hair program will ensure your hair is in top condition and help you create that lustrous look.


Creating movement and texture to your wonderful locks is very easy with the right styling products. Here are a couple of my secret blends. My favourite at the moment is the Kérastase Elixir Ultime layered with L’Oréal Texture Expert Tendre Forme Sculpting Paste. Or if you have naturally curly hair the Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion mixed with Kérastase Oleo Curl Crème. Both combinations are great when time is against you because you can use them on towel dried hair or just after you have blow waved your hair.


Twist all remaining hair up and around, creating a bun shape, and secure. 

If you want to grow your hair I would recommend 2 visits with only a treatment and blow wave and then a cut and blow wave on your 3rd visit.


I truly believe long hair is ageless. For those women thinking that you're too old for long hair, my advice is this. You cannot go wrong with long beautiful hair if its shinny. Healthy hair combined with a great haircut will always look fabulous.

And remember this lovely quote I heard recently in a movie,
"You is kind …. You is important ….. YOU IS BEAUTIFUL"



At Oblique we are proud to offer bespoke styling lessons!  Ask your stylist about our one hour styling education sessions to teach you how to create and maintain your hair style.

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