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Straightening Irons

G.H.D stylers have made it easier for hairstylist and clients alike to achieve the looks they want. The stylers come packaged with an instruction DVD illustrating several basic techniques for regular use. Below are some extra tips that should help you get the same results as your stylist on a wider variety of styles.


1st / Product does matter. There are many thermo active products that aid in styling as well as protecting. Both GHD and Kerastase have several of these products which can offer shine, moisture or strength.


2nd / Blow waving first makes a difference. Even if all you do is shake dry with the air from the blow waver pointing down. The reason it helps is it will partially lay the cuticle of your hair (the outside layer of each hair strand) down which mean the GHD’s only need to finish flattening the cuticle. This is what will give you the shine.


3rd / Make sure the hair is entirely dry. G.H.D stylers are not designed to dry the hair, so if parts are left damp then they will remain partially damp resulting in the straightening not lasting or not working properly.

A Hint for Styling Straight:
As referenced in the DVD it helps to section the hair off and straighten in stages. Just as important is the speed of use. To get superior results slow down towards the end of the hair. Quite often we speed up at the last bit when in fact we need to slow down. The ends of our hair are where we see flyaway effects and if we concentrate on smoothing them more we can eliminate this, resulting in far more control of the final look.

A Hint When Styling Curly:
Again; sectioning is important, but keep in mind the more hair you have in the GHD the softer the curl. It helps to form a better curl if you can hold the GHD stylers vertically and watch the ends of the hair coming through as you will be able to ensure that no hair slips away from the plates.  

GHD stylers are a great tool to help create great hair, it can take a little patience and practice; but once you master them you won't look back.

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