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By Angela Foster-Nesbit


Do you have specific days that you wash your hair? This makes a big difference to having and magaging great looking hair. 

Creating a hair routine by selecting certain days of the week for hair care will allow you to get to those early meetings, fit in your exercise and weekend stuff, and organise your busy life rather than letting your precious locks come a sad second to your life style.


Here's how you do it. Select days of the week that you generally have a little more time to extend your shower time. Start your shower by shampooing your hair first and then give your hair a treat by towel drying it before applying your home care treatments or Masques. Leave your treatment or Masque on for 3 - 5 minutes while you do other important bits like shaving, face scrubbing, teeth brushing, or just standing there like a zombie (my favourite).

If you want great hair for the next 3 days put the time into it during your first blow dry. Ask yourself the following questions;
Have I used the products that I was recommended?
Am I in a comfortable position to blow dry my hair? (I sit down)
Am I in front of a mirror? (Putting your make-up on first will enhance what you see in the mirror and you won’t have to move your fringe after your hair is done)


Hair that is not 100% dry is more likely to frizz and become fly away so ensure you use a heat protection product and then when you think you're done let your hair cool down slightly to check for dampness.


So getting a little organised can simplify your life. You'll know which days are your ponytail days, which days you can exercise because it won't ruin your hair for the week and which days you can go out on the town looking your absolute best.

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